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OAKWOOD, VA – Freshmen and sophomores from the Appalachian College of Pharmacy were recognized for their achievements over the past year at an awards ceremony held at the college earlier in June.

CPA President Mickey McGlothlin extended the welcome and Brandon Estep, pastor of Garden Baptist Church, delivered the invocation at the event.

CPA Dean Susan Mayhew presented the Dean’s Award to second-year pharmacy student Annamay Fry; and first-year pharmacy student Michael Stewart. The award recognizes a student’s outstanding achievement and selfless dedication to their class, the college, and the pharmacy profession. The recipient must have exemplified outstanding service and commitment to the profession academically, through involvement in professional/student organizations and extracurricular service-learning opportunities.

Students who achieved Dean’s List status were also recognized. Students named to the list have achieved a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher and include:

• First-year pharmacy students: Logan Surface, Badri Abdi, Annamay Fry, Andrew Lee, Samantha Klug, Bishen Kafley, Karlie Wasilewski, Luis Villanueva and Josh Green.

• Second year pharmacy students: Divine Mbah Johnathan Ritchie, Shelomith Akpoghenobor, Michael Stewart, Colby Osborne, Matthew Neace, Dylan Brookman and Ayomipo Adeyemo.

Additional student awards presented included GPA-based awards recognizing Annamay Fry as the best in integrated science; and Divine Mbah as the best in therapeutics and the best in pharmacy. The highest GPA awards went to Divine Mbah as the recipient of the second-year pharmacy student; and Logan Surface as the first-year pharmacy student recipient.

The Academic Excellence in Pharmacy Award, which recognizes academic excellence and professional motivation in the pharmacy profession, was awarded to second-year pharmacy student Divine Mbah and first-year pharmacy student Logan Surface. To earn these recognitions, recipients have exemplified outstanding academic achievement both inside and outside the classroom. The Excellence in Pharmacy award includes academic excellence and other creative pursuits, such as community involvement related to the student’s academic studies.

The CPA Professionalism Award was presented to second-year pharmacy student Julia Deel and first-year pharmacy student Andrew Lee. The award recognizes the ideals of professionalism and excellence in patient care in all aspects of the recipient’s academic pharmacy career. To receive the award, recipients must demonstrate a strong commitment and dedication to the highest ideals of professionalism in the practice of pharmacy and exemplify outstanding service and commitment to the profession academically, through involvement in professional/student organizations and within the community.

The CPA Distinguished Service Award was presented to second-year pharmacy student Matthew Neace and first-year pharmacy student Tyler Sargent. The award recognizes students who demonstrate academic excellence, leadership, and an exceptional commitment to service to the college and the community at large. Recipients exemplify exceptional service within the community and through the ACP Pharmacists in Community Service program.

The ACP Outstanding Student Leadership Award was presented to second-year pharmacy student Ayomipo Adeyemo and first-year pharmacy student Bishen Kafley. The award recognizes a student who has exemplified outstanding leadership qualities and demonstrated an interest in the practice of community pharmacy or the health system. Recipients actively participate and take leadership roles in various student and professional organizations, as well as extracurricular service-learning activities within the community. The recipient exemplifies exceptional leadership qualities and a commitment to the college of pharmacy, as well as the pharmacy profession.

The Community Service Awards were given to students who exemplify outstanding service through the ACP Pharmacists in Community Service (PICS) program. Megan Little was the recipient second-year pharmacy student; and Kaleb Coots was the first-year pharmacy recipient.

“We are so proud of all of our pharmacy students and their accomplishments,” Mayhew said. “The commitment they have put into studying pharmacy and becoming the best pharmacists they can be is admirable and we are thrilled to be a part of their journey in studying pharmacy.”

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