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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A common diabetes drug could benefit patients at risk of dangerous heart disease, a new study suggests.

Metformin is one of the drugs most widely prescribed by doctors for type 2 diabetics. Researchers say it’s a possible cure for atrial fibrillation.

Atrial fibrillation is a condition in which a person’s heart beats irregularly, abnormally, or rapidly. This can lead to blood clots, strokes, and heart failure, among other heart complications.

Researchers say there is a significant need for new treatments, as no new drugs have been approved for more than a decade.

Cleveland Clinic scientists used an advanced genetic sequencing method to study metformin. They found that the drug targeted 30 genes associated with atrial fibrillation, with direct effects on gene expression for eight.

“Our electrophysiology section is one of the most advanced in the field,” study author Dr. Oussama Wazni said in a statement. Press release. “We are thrilled to see important research contributing so quickly to the field, especially since metformin is so safe and readily available.”

The study was published in the latest issue of Medicine Reports Unit.

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