Drug recall: These supplements secretly hide erectile dysfunction drugs

Wonder Pill is the latest dietary supplement to be recalled after tests revealed the drug contains an undeclared erectile dysfunction drug. The drug in question is tadalafil, an ingredient that the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Tadalafil, the generic name for Cialis, is part of a family of drugs called phosphodiesterase (PDE-5) inhibitors. The drug may interact with other medications customers might be taking to treat heart disease, leading to life-threatening side effects.

By including tadalafil, Wonder Pill becomes a drug that the FDA has not approved because safety and effectiveness have not been established. This is why there is a recall in place for the supplement, and why you should stop taking it immediately if you have any.

Wonder Pill Reminder

Proper Trade LLC/My Stellar Lifestyle issued the Wonder Pill recall this week. The FDA press release is available at this link.

The company explains that it is recalling two lots of Wonder Pill products: lot 20210912 and lot 31853-501. They expire in September 2024 and were available online nationwide through Amazon and Walmart.

The products are presented in blisters of 10 units co-packed in a cardboard box. The Wonder Pill supplement is also available in a 60 unit bottle, which you can see below.

Reminder Wonder Pill: The 60 point label. Image source: FDA

Amazon lab analysis detected the presence of tadalafil, leading to the Wonder Pill recall. This action is part of a larger initiative that started a few years ago.

The FDA issued a warning on December 17, 2020, asking customers to avoid certain products sold on Amazon, eBay and other retailers. The FDA explained that the drugs could contain potentially dangerous ingredients without declaring them. Additionally, the agency has encouraged online marketplaces to ensure that these products are not available to buyers through their platforms.

Why tadalafil is dangerous

On its own, tadalafil is a drug that customers can use to treat erectile dysfunction. The FDA has approved it for this use, but it must be prescribed by a doctor.

Doctors should prescribe the drug to patients only after reviewing their medical history and other illnesses.

By not disclosing the presence of tadalafil on the packaging, the drug Wonder Pill puts customers who should not be taking PDE-5 inhibitors at risk.

Reminder Wonder Pill: Blisters of 10 tablets.
Reminder Wonder Pill: Blisters of 10 tablets. Image source: FDA

Tadalafil can interact with nitrates, which are common prescription drugs. This can have undesirable consequences that can be life-threatening. Specifically, tadalafil and nitrates like nitroglycerin can lower blood pressure to dangerous levels.

People with diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease often take nitrates. Some of them might also buy dietary supplements like Wonder Pill without knowing that they contain a substance that can cause dangerous interactions.

what you should do

Proper Trade LLC/My Stellar Lifestyle has not yet received any adverse event reports related to the Wonder Pill recall. But clients who also take nitrates are still at risk of experiencing side effects. Even healthy people should not consume supplements that contain hidden ingredients.

Reminder Wonder Pill: The product label.
Reminder Wonder Pill: The product label. Image source: FDA

The company urges consumers to stop using the product. It also notifies Amazon and Walmart shoppers of the Wonder Pill recall to arrange a return.

Separately, customers who believe they experienced side effects after using the supplement should contact their doctor.

Finally, check out the recall press release at this link. It contains contact information for Proper Trade LLC/My Stellar Lifestyle and the FDA’s MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting program.

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