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The National Community Pharmacists Association recently announced that the Elmore Pharmacy in Red Bluff has won the NICE award for best external reshaping.

This is the third year of the NICE Awards competition, which was created to recognize pharmacies for their efforts to improve their value, promote their services and better serve their communities. The NICE awards are sponsored by QS / 1.

“” Only Kurt Proctor, PhD, RPh, President of the NCPA Innovation Center. “The NICE Awards showcase the best in community pharmacy branding and marketing – the innovations and redesigns that have made promotions more effective and patient experiences more rewarding. Bianca has done an outstanding job restoring a signature to recognize Elmore Pharmacy’s history and attract patients.

RH Elmore purchased the land at 401 Walnut Street in 1906 and built the pharmacy that exists today. Bradshaw exhibits many old pharmacy articles and documents in the pharmacy to this day, believing it to be the oldest continuously operated pharmacy in California. She assumes her sign was first installed in the 1950s.

In 2017, that part of history was threatened when a windstorm knocked the panel off its brackets. It took over a year to refurbish the sign and put it back to its familiar perch. Apart from the repair, nothing has been changed.

“We have tried to stay true to the original sign as much as possible,” Bradshaw said. “People came to the streets and said how beautiful it was. It was amazing. “

Elmore was established in 1905, although a pharmacy has been in continuous operation on the site since 1861. Its products and services include standard retail, a combination drug program, bubble wrap for care facilities and mental health outpatients, free local delivery and freebies. The plans include an increased focus on homeopathic solutions through natural and functional medicine.


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