Embrace technology to treat people based on their genetics, call

By Jacob Mosenda

Dar es Salaam. Pharmacists reiterated the need for technological reforms in the dispensing of drugs based on the patient’s genetics to combat the drug resistance that currently plagues the world.

According to the new drug manufacturing technology, there are drugs that allow the patient to be treated for the type of disease he has or has even if he has developed resistance to the drugs.

The call was launched on Saturday July 16, during the 10th African Pharmaceutical Symposium (AfPS) under the theme “Pharmaceutical Evolution in the Age of Technological Progress, the Present and the Future” and brought together framework students from 13 African countries.

The President of the Tanzania Pharmacy Students Association (TAPSA), Mrs. Arafa Khamis, said that most of the patients consume drugs without following the procedures prescribed by the doctor or pharmacist and eventually create drug resistance.

“If we make drugs with current technology and many people are resistant to them, then we can treat people with any type of disease and get positive results whether they are resistant to the drug or not” , she said.

At present, she said there are many companies making medicines overseas, and Tanzania mainly imports, but most pharmacists do not know such technology, they always use the same medicines. , even patients show resistance.


“It is important that the government trains them and if they could manufacture drugs according to new technologies, we would succeed in combating resistance,” she further noted.

Press and Publication Officer at TAPSA, Isack Nyaimaga called on the government to improve access to user-friendly infrastructure that will enable pharmacists to manufacture drugs in the country using new technologies.

This, he said, will reduce the importation of medicines from abroad and bring development and employment to pharmacists in the country.

“We expect this framework to be used in the manufacture of drugs that will treat people based on their genetics using technology, if you are told that this drug has failed according to certain genetics, alternatives should be available,” did he declare.

For her part, Ms. Fiona Chilunda, the Senior Drug Adviser of Health Promotion and System Strengthening (HPSS) Tuirise Afya The project requested the government to increase the number of pharmacists in health centers to improve the proper use of medicines in the country and bring real value to the medicines budget set each fiscal year.

She said that currently there are many pharmacists produced in the country (not to mention the statistics) so that they can meet the needs of the country.

“The government should increase its capacity for pharmacists, every year the government adds a large amount of money to the drug budget, I want them to think about how to increase the staff in this cadre so that the drugs are used properly. We need to have enough of them in all areas of health services,” Ms Chilunda said.

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