“Erinn is sometimes as crazy as a hatter but she is a pharmacist and a good”

THIS week we watch Rosie Crowe McKeever as she lifts the lid on some of her teammates…

The teams played for: Cavan women’s football and camogie, Lacken women’s football and camogie club. Irish international shinty team, Ulster football and camogie teams.

Which teammate was the most inspiring and why? Growing up I was inspired by my sister Miranda, she always gave her all and I strived to achieve what she had. I also loved watching Juliet Murphy from Cork Ladies, I always liked her playing style as I played like her.

The best teammate to train with and why? There have been so many over the years, but Erinn Galligan and Josephine Maguire got me through this year’s pre-season races.

Worst for training and why: I couldn’t really pick anyone, but Clodagh Keenaghan, on the current Cavan camogie panel with me, isn’t a fan of tough races at the moment.

Which teammate do you want to tag and why? At first I always had to tag Donna English as we both played in midfield with the Cavan ladies. I wanted to tag her because I knew she would get the best out of me because she was always so determined, I knew that to tag her, I could only get better. I currently want to score Shanise Fitzsimons because I know I have to be at the top of my game.

Who are you dreading scoring and why? I would dread marking Donna, but in a good way if that makes sense. Currently, I fear marking Erinn Galligan, while Shanise Fitzsimons is so strong and tough. I wouldn’t like to face Niamh Mc from the Lacken ladies either.

Who is the best to sit next to in travel? Josephine Maguire is great at gossip. Probably myself because I always feel sick, so I’m the worst passenger.

GOOD CRAIC… Erinn Galligan has brains to burn but also knows how to party

What’s the funniest thing you’ve heard in training or in a match, and who said it? ‘Awh Jesus stay on your bloody feet’, says Erinn Galligan

What’s the worst excuse you’ve heard for giving up training? There’s a lot of things in the last few years that make me wonder – “I’m getting a tan”, young people these days…

which teammate is the loudest in the locker room? Jenny O’Rourke.

Which teammate makes the most sense? Aideen Coyle, horribly sensitive.

Who is the smartest of all your teammates? I have to give it to Erinn Galligan, sometimes she’s as crazy as a hatter, but she’s a pharmacist and a maid.

Who’s the best teammate to celebrate with? My sister Aine loves going out at night, but sorry Erinn, I have to choose you again too.

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