, Nova Ukraine and Uber have joined forces to help Ukrainians

In order to allow Ukrainians to have access to the necessary medicines,, Nova Ukraine, and Uber company have come together in a common initiative. Ukrainians affected by the war, who do not have the financial capacity to buy medicine at full price, will receive compensation of 50% of the “Medicines for Ukraine” funds. created the “Medicines for Ukraine” fund, which covers half of the cost when ordering medication via the Liki24 app. Compensation of 500 UAH can be spent, paying for multiple orders within three days of activation. The Medicines for Ukraine Fund actively involves foreign and Ukrainian companies in its initiative. This will help increase the amount of assistance for those who need it. Thus, in two months, more than 4,000 Ukrainians have already received assistance from the fund for more than 2 million UAH. In particular, the American charity organization Nova Ukraine has donated more than one million hryvnias to the “Medicines for Ukraine” fund, which will help more than 2,000 Ukrainians who have found themselves in dire straits due to the war.

In turn, the Uber company also joined the initiative, which provided promotional codes for free delivery of orders placed through the “Medicines for Ukraine” fund. Delivery will be made through the Uber Connect service, which Uber introduced in 2020.

“Today, we are very happy to join this initiative, to continue our partnership with and to empower our platform to help people in need get the medicines they need quickly and conveniently. Uber supports and will support Ukraine for as long as needed,” said Marcin Mochyrog, general manager of Uber in Central and Eastern Europe.

For partner companies that make corporate contributions, the fund “Medicine for Ukraine” has created a special information panel that allows you to track the use of funds in real time, as well as with the help of a delivery execution map.

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