Locum pharmacists working in Derry are paid the lowest pay in the UK, according to a new report

Substitutes for PHARMACISTS working in Derry are paid the lowest pay in the UK, according to a new report.

The 2022 Pharmacy Market Review revealed that resources in the sector have put enormous pressure on community pharmacies.

To make up for the lack of staff, many operators are turning to substitutes, the price of which is on the rise.

According to data provided by Locate a Locum, which covers 30,000 locum pharmacist bookings in the UK, the average hourly rate in July 2022 for locum cover across the UK was £37.49, an increase of £4.81 compared to the 12-month average recorded in 2021. .

In England, rates rose to around £36.95, while in Wales and Scotland rates rose to £37.93 and £48.86, respectively. The lowest rate was in Derry at £26.61, followed by Leicester at £28.24 and Belfast at £28.32. The highest was in Inverness, Scotland at £54.11 an hour.

Jonathon Clarke, CEO and Founder of Locate a Locum, said: “Not only have rates been affected by the loss of pharmacists to the primary care network and GP roles, but the situation has also been exacerbated by the fact that many pharmacists have taken long overdue leaves or absences due to illness, etc.

“In addition to the ongoing rollout of the Covid-19 vaccination, these factors will continue to put pressure on the sector for the foreseeable future,” he said.

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