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Middletown Pharmacy & Wellness offers old-fashioned pharmacy care to local residents

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In high school, Mary Boggess took her first chemistry class and loved it. Around the same time, people started asking her what she wanted to study in college. Her mother was a pharmacy technician, and at the time there was a shortage of female pharmacists in the field, so she began to consider it a career. While in college, she got a job as a pharmacy technician at Kroger, and the experience reinforced her decision.

Boggess grew up in Murray, Ky., a town that had an independent pharmacy since the 1970s. After working at Kroger, she took a job as a technician at that independent pharmacy.

Having worked in both locations, I had a good comparison of both types of atmospheres and really enjoyed the independent pharmacy vibe,” says Boggess, a critical thinker who enjoys developing her own ideas and creating her own solutions. . She moved to Louisville in 2013 with her husband Brandon so she could attend pharmacy school. After graduating, she landed a job with a big pharmaceutical company, but dreamed of one day opening her own pharmacy in a small town.

The company’s senior executives create all of these metrics and statistics and percentages that you need to track,” says Boggess. The phone couldt rings a certain number of times. They tracked from when a person arrived with a prescription and measured how quickly the pharmacist could get them out with their prescription. Thisdoesn’t give you time to have conversations with anyone. I care about my patients, but heIt’s hard to show that when you have to focus on how many patients you can get in and out in X time.

Boggess desperately wanted to provide personalized service to his patients. She craved the human connection that is so important in pharmacy work. After all, pharmacists can answer many of the same questions as doctors. If, for example, a new parent does not know how to dose a babys over-the-counter medications, they can call their local pharmacist. If a client wonders if two drugs can mix, a pharmacist can help. In a drugstore chain, however, they can be as inaccessible as a doctor. For four and a half years, Boggess worked at one of Louisville’s busiest retail pharmacies.

We had a ton of patients with a ton of issues — insurance issues, medication issues,” she says. “Doctors were writing things wrong and we were constantly trying to solve problems on top of waiting for patients to walk around, answer phones and fill prescriptions. It was tiring.”

Boggess always tried to take the time to counsel his patients and visited the store to answer over-the-counter patient questions.

Downtown PharmacyI tried to buy time with them, but as soon as I got back to the pharmacy, I was so behind on things,” says Boggess.

When the load becomes too great, pharmacists can burn out. Boggess did notI didn’t want to risk this happening to her, so when the opportunity arose to fulfill her dream, she took the plunge. A colleague from pharmacy school introduced her to a friend who had a small buying group that helped open independent pharmacies. They handle tasks such as contracts, insurance, accounting and bookkeeping, and Boggess realized this would allow him to focus on his passion – caring for his patients.

It opened the door for me to execute ideas that my husband and I had had for so long,” says Boggess. In March 2021, the duo opened Middletown Pharmacy & Wellness, serving Middletown and surrounding areas.

Boggess was eager to bring back old-fashioned pharmaceutical care, including services that died out with chains, like free delivery and bubble wrap with medications for patients taking multiple medications. To help prevent patients from accidentally missing doses or taking too many pills, Boggess loads their medications into blister packs (similar to plastic weekly pill organizers). Bubble delivery and packaging is very convenient for patients, especially the elderly. Many people living in assisted living facilities and residences for the elderly are delighted to see the opening of the Middletown Pharmacy.

Their families were very grateful that we were here because webasically took care of their medication routines,” says Boggess. We want to help our patientseasier life.

The Middletown Pharmacy opened in the midst of the pandemic and received a shipment of COVID-19 vaccine the first week it opened, which attracted a ton of people early on.

Boggess also sells over-the-counter products, local gift items, and premium vitamin supplements. By talking to patients, Boggess learned about their work, their hobbies, their favorite foods and, of course, their health. They know all about her too, including the fact that she and Brandon have two daughters, Mila, 4, and Olivia, 1. Many also know that Brandon works on collisions at Boggess Body and Paint, another local operation.

Downtown PharmacyDespite his small stature, Boggess still has to balance his pharmacy a lot. For example, she must ensure that she keeps her patientsprescriptions filled for her to see whats to come on the horizon. If a patient is out of refills, they proactively fax their doctor for a refill so they never run out of medication. She also makes sure that sheher medications in stock for her patients, although as an independent owner she mayt keep a ton of inventory on its shelves.

I like being my own boss and developing my own ideas, solutions and ways of doing things,” says Boggess. II am a critical thinker and enjoy finding solutions myself.

Some of his patients see multiple doctors, which can become problematic if they have trouble keeping up with their medications. Therefore, Boggess intervenes if she sees that someone may be taking overlapping medications and could serve to consolidate them.

As a pharmacist, you want to do everything you can to keep up with your patients,” says Boggess. Just putting in a little extra effort goes a long way.

Middletown Pharmacy & Wellness is located at 11601 Shelbyville Road, Suite A in Louisville. For more information, call 502-690-2410 or visit middletownpharmacyandwellness.com.

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