Over-the-counter hearing aids are now available

ALBANY, NY (NEWS10) – Hearing aids for mild to moderate hearing loss are now available without a prescription, meaning patients no longer need medical devices or even a prescription.

According to experts, four out of five people likely to suffer from hearing loss are unable to solve the problem due to high costs and lack of accessibility. Even though the devices will be available for purchase in person or online, organizations such as the Hearing Loss Association of America have been able to create guidelines for consumers.

“To enable people to identify if they have mild to moderate hearing loss, and what they could benefit from in the market, which devices will meet their needs, and how they can self-isolate or find the device that’s right for them. ,” said MaryKate Owens, President of the American Hearing Loss Association, Albany Chapter.

Dr. Debra Trees, who is an audiologist, raised concerns about whether or not a patient will be able to use the devices on their own. “They have to be aware that they will have to do self-adjustment, self-choice and self-maintenance, that’s a big part of it.”

According to officials, it will be some time before the hearing aids are available for purchase at your local pharmacy. Eileen Wood is the CDPHP’s Chief Pharmacist and believes that pharmacists will make sure to help patients from a clinical perspective.

“It’s a real opportunity for pharmacists to help patients because now they’re going to come looking for a solution,” she says. “And we’re going to be here to make sure an over-the-counter product is the right product solution.”

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