Pharmacies, patients struggling with Adderall shortage

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) – There is another supply chain issue affecting people across the country, with drastic health impacts.

The FDA has declared a shortage of Adderall, but many pharmacies say the shortage began in October.

Adderall is used to treat conditions such as attention deficit disorder or ADD.

We spoke to a pharmacy manager at AU Health and a local mother about the effect on local patients.

“Because it’s a controlled substance, you can’t just walk into any family pharmacy or any family store and say, ‘Hey, I need Adderall, I have need a stimulant.’ You have to go to the doctor. You need to talk to your prescriber,” said Augusta University Medical Center Community Pharmacy Manager Rashad Darby.

But prescribers tell Monique Braswell…

“They say they expect to get it. We didn’t understand it. We didn’t understand it. We didn’t understand it. We didn’t understand it. That’s all they can tell us,” she said.

Darby says it could take months, and that’s too long for her daughter.

“It’s hard, it’s very, very hard, to have kids who have to take medication to manage their day, and then not have it, it’s very hard,” Braswell said.

“You are sitting here right now. You start to hear the effects of not having Adderall. Because it’s her. We are in his room. Do you hear it?

You could hear her daughter jumping upstairs. She has a son who also takes extra medications that their prescriptions can’t mix.

“A lot of medications are based on weight, on different symptoms. So what may work for person A may not work for person B. The dose may be too high, the dose may be too low. There are a lot of dangers in taking other people’s drugs, which we don’t advocate or recommend at all, especially in this circumstance where people can’t find them,” Darby said.

Braswell says advocacy at schools and pharmacies has helped them get the help her family needs.

“It’s up to you to go back to your doctor and say, ‘Hey, we can’t have this. So I need you to give me this, you know, or do this. If you don’t you’re not a lawyer, then your child is missing out,’ she said.

Darby says as a reminder, don’t go out and take another person’s Adderall or another person’s medication. It says don’t go online to find medicine on your own. Talk to your doctor.

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