Pharmacists will be able to sell self-tests and administer the vaccine



The Cabinet decision of October 7, 2020 clarified the use of rapid tests for the COVID-19 virus. Given the current epidemiological context and the accelerated increase in the number of patients infected with covid-19, it is necessary to adapt the screening strategy in order to break the chains of contamination. On the other hand, it has been observed that some patients who present with symptoms are hesitant and do not take a screening test. On the other hand, all health actors must be mobilized to ensure the availability of antigenic tests for the rapid detection of SARS-Cov-2 by self-sampling of the entire population (“self-tests”). Indeed, the human resources of the country’s health structures are particularly focused on patient care and the vaccination campaign.

It is therefore necessary to open a college to distribute pharmacists in order to sell “self-tests”. In addition, other healthcare professionals can distribute these tests to their patients and those around them if they see fit. Healthcare professionals should advise on the proper performance and disposal of the test after use and the action to be taken based on the result. Thus an article was added in the decree of October 7, 2020 to integrate these new provisions.

The Cabinet decision of December 29, 2020 also regulates the terms and conditions of the implementation of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign, in particular among professionals who can perform the vaccination. Doctors, midwives and nurses are so far the only health professionals cited to be able to participate in the vaccination campaign against COVID-19, in particular for pre-vaccine advice and administration of the vaccine.

After a few weeks of practicing this vaccination, and taking into account the latest information concerning this vaccination, it was decided to extend the possibility of carrying out a pre-vaccination consultation to pharmacists and then to administer the vaccine to people who come to the clinic. clinic – vaccinate according to the medical vaccination protocol established by the Ministry of Health. The French Polynesia Pharmacists Union Council supports this development. Thus, two articles of the decree of December 20, 2020 were amended to incorporate these new provisions.


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