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Although the past year has been exceptionally difficult, there have been some glimmers of hope. Our transition
virtual and online learning has allowed us to add more flexible learning options to our long-term schedule. We have also developed new student support programs and worked with the RCCF to create new scholarship opportunities that help ensure affordable higher education is accessible to all long after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Choose the learning option that’s right for you

The era of the pandemic has proven that RCC students know what learning styles they prefer. Students who work full time or have childcare needs may prefer asynchronous online classes that allow classes to be taken at any time. Other students now know they thrive in an in-person classroom environment. Whatever your preference, we have options to meet your needs:

• Online = A fully online course with no set meeting times. Online courses are taken entirely online, with no face-to-face meetings. You can complete the assignment at a pace that best suits your schedule, but you must submit assignments and exams on time.

• Virtual = A fully online course with scheduled meeting times. Virtual courses are taken online but have set meeting times. You must log in and participate in class meetings via web communication (Microsoft Teams or Zoom) on the scheduled days / times.

• Hybrid = A course with scheduled face-to-face meeting times and an online component. Hybrid courses are completed on campus during designated meeting hours, with the rest of the homework completed online.

• Traditional.Some courses are offered as part of traditional on-campus instruction.

Technological assistance

We’re committed to making sure you have the technology you need to attend classes, during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Don’t have a laptop? Do not worry! We will provide you with one through our RoxSTARS program. Learn more about rcc.mass.edu/roxstars.

Scholarships and Free Workforce Programs

Starting in the fall semester 2021, the RCC will be offering many more scholarships than in previous years. In addition to existing scholarships based on merit and need, the College offers special one-year scholarships to students majoring in computer science or engineering. wOne-year scholarships are also available for students majoring in STEM fields who show an interest in green energy. In addition, thanks to generous funding from the state’s Quick Re-employment Program, 15 students can take the pharmacy technician program for free. The program is offered in partnership with CVS Health, with guaranteed employment for students who pass the PCTB exam.

Ready to start the registration process?

Visit rcc.mass.edu to get started or contact the Registration Center at 857-701-1200 or inscription.management@rcc.mass.edu speak with an admissions counselor.


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