Ritch’s Pharmacy: “We treat people the way they deserve to be treated”

For more than 75 years, Ritch’s Pharmacy has served the communities of Homewood, Vestavia Hills and Mountain Brook with personalized care and a family-centered approach.

Ritch’s Pharmacy is an individual community pharmacy offering prescription drugs or over-the-counter products located in the Village of Mountain Brook. They provide services and products ranging from vaccination and durable medical equipment to preparation and home delivery.

Ritch’s Pharmacy co-owner Becky Sorrell alongside her husband Ralph Sorrell said being able to interact with patients in different Birmingham communities and being part of their healthcare team is invaluable. “Our approach to effective healthcare does not involve just one professional,” Sorrell said. “Many team members are involved in a patient’s wellness journey and work as a team.”

The four pharmacists on the Ritch’s Pharmacy team – Ralph Sorrell, Becky Sorrell, Dr Laura Scoggins and Pam Reeve – collectively have over 100 years of experience. Ritch’s Pharmacy supplies all vaccines except the yellow fever vaccine. They were one of the first pharmacies in Alabama to offer COVID-19 vaccines, and they’ve administered just over 15,000 amazing vaccines to residents of Jefferson and Shelby counties.

“At Ritch’s Pharmacy, we treat people the way they deserve to be treated,” Becky Sorrell said. “They’re not just a prescription number – we know their name, face and family members.”

Ritch’s Pharmacy is always available and ready to serve Birmingham communities. They are there to support patients through their healthcare journey to achieve their optimal outcomes.

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