Scallog Robotics at Newpharma: a unique achievement in collaboration with Smart Technics, the innovation pool of Colruyt Group


As part of the SITL trade fair scheduled from September 13 to 15 at Paris Porte de Versailles, Scallog announces a new contract in Belgium for the robotization of the new logistics platform operated by Newpharma, the Belgian online pharmacy which serves 1 million customers in 12 countries across Europe. The deployment of Scallog’s Goods-to-Person robotic solution in Newpharma’s new distribution center, which covers 20,000 m² and can be extended to 50,000 m², is scheduled for fall 2021 and will be overseen by Smart Technics Ventures, the innovation unit of Colruyt Group, which holds a minority stake in Scallog. At SITL, Scallog will also present the the latest in its range, the Flexytote robot, which will be demonstrated at the Warehouse of the future, an immersive environment at SITL dedicated to the intelligent warehouse and including a full range of innovations for the intralogistics of the future!

Find out how Colruyt Group has established a fruitful collaboration between three companies: Newpharma, Scallog and Smart Technics Ventures!

As part of its plan to consolidate its operations in Wandre, Belgium, Newpharma will soon inaugurate its brand new logistics center located on a site near the port of Liège. Plans for this next-generation warehouse were launched in 2019, supported by Belgian retailer Colruyt Group. Pierre De Lit, COO at Newpharma: “Each year, Newpharma records double-digit revenue growth, which over time has forced us to spread our activities over several sites in Wandre and Tongeren. We have therefore decided to build a large distribution center to support our future growth and optimize our logistics flows. We will gradually bring the new facilities into service. In the first phase, the site will cover 20,000 m². In 2022, we will expand the site to 50,000 m².

The consolidation of Newpharma’s activities is accompanied by extensive automation, supported by Smart Technics. The mission of the engineering team of this Colruyt Group start-up is to integrate innovative solutions in a sustainable manner. Jeroen Theys, Managing Director of Smart Technics: “In this project, we have integrated the Scallog solution into Newpharma’s operational flow, since the delivery of the goods by suppliers to the shipment of packages to end customers. Several options were thought every time to optimize inventory management, order processing, order preparation, packaging and ergonomics for employees. We are very satisfied with the collaboration which resulted in a phased plan that will allow Newpharma to respond more flexibly to future market developments and ensure sustainable growth.

“Scallog is already active in this sector in France. We are particularly happy to be able to equip the new Newpharma warehouse in close collaboration with Smart Technics today. This means that still another Scallog picking installation will be operational in Belgium ”, adds Caroline Dumas, International Business Manager at Scallog.

Here is a closer look at the Flexytote, which will be in operational readiness at the warehouse of the Future!

As part of its continued drive to include more immersive demonstrations and experiences for its industry visitors, SITL 2021 showcases a 600 square meter smart warehouse dubbed the Warehouse of the future, present the most innovative solutions on a real scale. The space will present the Flexytote, a new addition to the Scallog product range, work under operating conditions for automate transfer, loading and unloading of bins and boxes to speed up the order picking process.

Like a really light and flexible robotic alternative traditional workflow automation systems, the Flexytote is based on a simple but effective principle: the robots move two or three levels of empty bins or boxes to the picking stations, place them on order buffer racks, then collect them and transport them to the packaging area once the operators have finished the orders.

The the logistical advantages are immediate: automated two or three levels supply of order buffer racks on request, elimination of load handling and transport by operators, less physical fatigue and accelerated Order taken.

With unmatched flexibility in the market, the Flexytote solution can be easily integrated into any existing warehouse and adapts to all changes in order preparation flows; mobile robots follow Optical floor markings that can be repositioned if and when necessary. The Flexytote solution is also distinguished by its load capacity up to 250 kg, the background tasks he can undertake, his ergonomics and logistics productivity and his ROI in less than 18 months.

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