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Iowa City, Iowa – At the height of the pandemic, many pharmacies in Iowa reduced their hours of operation or closed a few days a week due to staff shortages, and pharmacists and pharmacy technicians remain very busy. requested.

Liz Davis, director of admissions at the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy, says pharmacists play an exceptionally crucial role because they are arguably the most accessible healthcare providers in the state.

Given the added stress of work during COVID, the state has lost several dozen pharmacists to burnout. While the U of I program trains about 100 new pharmacists each year, it still isn’t enough to meet the demand from pharmacies and hospitals across the state.

Davis says the U of I’s Assured Admissions program is designed to create a direct path for high school seniors to begin pharmacy training, toward Pharm-D or a Doctor of Pharmacy.

The University of Iowa and Drake University in Des Moines offer the only pharmacy programs in the state. Davis says pharmacy technicians are also essential to keep operations running smoothly and are also in high demand.

Davis says graduates of the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy now practice in 94 of Iowa’s 99 counties, while five out of 10 pharmacists in Iowa trained at the U of I.

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