US-based company to establish pharmaceutical and related industries in Kogi

A billion dollar company based in the United States, SIVAD Group, has informed the Kogi State Government of its intention to establish a world-class pharmaceutical, agricultural and other allied industries in the ‘State of confluence, with a commissioning plan in a few weeks.

Speaking during a courtesy visit to Governor Yahaya Bello, Group Chairman/CEO Mr Lenzie Davis revealed that Kogi State has been selected as part of the company’s investment plan in Africa, due to its strategic location, security architecture and other factors.

He noted that even though the business was in Africa about 30 years ago, he was optimistic that this time would be different based on energy, relationships and what he had been told about the strong sense of governor’s leadership.

He said: “We are here to understand how we could really help Kogi State and by extension Nigeria to develop its sectors in health, agriculture, technology and with regards to development. vaccines, other types of medicines.”

Mr Davis added that the company also has a rapid sickle cell test which he says could help monitor some of the patients with sickle cell disease, help save lives, provide more education on how to prevent sickness.

He added that apart from its plan in the pharmaceutical industry, SIVAD in the areas of agriculture would help develop new technologies for growing food, which could make Nigeria the leader in food and water shipment. other products across Africa.

“The goal is to work closely with some of the key people here, to put in place a solid execution plan based on some of our findings and which of our plans to prioritize,” he added.


The Governor, in his remarks, noted that Kogi State was conducive to development as it continued to witness the business interests of internationals, noting that his administration had encountered the state in shambles and had made remarkable efforts to reverse.

He pointed out that Nigeria remained the trigger point for Africa and that Kogi State was confidently at the center of the country’s geography, hence the state where things had to happen before reflect in other parts of the country.

The governor noted that the state was open to any investors while urging them to feel at home as many state officials were on the ground to guide them on the ways of doing business. He added that the government will ensure that their personnel, investments and everything else are properly secured.

He promised to provide them with the necessary cooperation, to ensure that they invest safely with the aim of encouraging more other investors in the state, adding that his government was doing its best in the areas of health, education and agriculture by putting in place the necessary infrastructure.

Governor Bello advised that despite their focus on profit, they should ensure that they give their host communities a sense of belonging, adding that they would be a link between the state government and the United States business community.

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