Waters and BioInfra create the ASEAN Academy for Bioanalysis

water company has established a collaboration with BioInfra, a contract research organization (CRO) for the pharmaceutical and clinical fields, to jointly establish the ASEAN Academy for Bioanalysis. The academy is dedicated to providing scientists with the practical knowledge needed to design and perform a variety of bioanalytical methods, which are essential at every stage of drug discovery and development.

“There is a growing need for CROs, pharmaceutical companies and regulators in the region to have access to the bioanalytical training necessary to perform drug equivalence testing for generic drug approvals,” said David Curtin, vice president of Asia-Pacific, Waters. “Our vision is that the training provided at the ASEAN Academy will help develop generic drug manufacturing in the region and, in turn, provide lower cost prescription drug options to people across Asia. of the Southeast.”

Located at BioInfra’s headquarters in Seoul, the ASEAN Academy for Bioanalysis will provide hands-on training using Waters’ latest analytical instruments and software. Interns will focus on the bioanalytical aspect of bioequivalence testing to ensure they are conducted in accordance with applicable principles of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP).

Bioanalytical methods used today require samples to be well characterized, fully validated and documented to yield reliable results that can be satisfactorily interpreted. These skills will help improve regional scientific competitiveness and the quality of pharmaceutical research and testing needed to meet the region’s growing demands for access to clinical trials and generic medicines, which are fueled by growing populations. older people with acute and chronic illnesses.

Sang Deuk Lee, CEO of BioInfra, said, “We are delighted to partner with Waters Corporation in establishing the ASEAN Academy for Bioanalysis. By providing the Southeast Asian scientific community with an indispensable resource for bioanalytical training, we further support BioInfra’s mission to create a healthy future for all, regardless of age or economic status.

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