What is RD4895? Is the drug on the terminal list real?

RD4895 is a drug from The Terminal List that was supposed to be for the treatment of PTSD but caused horrible side effects. Is there a real equivalent?

It may be difficult for viewers to tell if the PTSD treatment drug RD4895 from The list of terminals is rooted in reality or not, but the show’s pharmacy is actually easily explained. The new action-thriller series stars Chris Pratt as James Reese, a Navy SEAL who returns home after his entire platoon is killed in an ambush, only to find their deaths were the result of a government conspiracy. Jack Carr, the author of the book which The list of terminals is based on, was a Navy SEAL himself, and while the show’s story isn’t based on any actual event, there are realistic elements embedded throughout.


A drug called RD4895 is central to the story of The list of terminals as it is the backbone of the conspiracy that Reese uncovers. In the show, the experimental drug was created in the hope that it would revolutionize veteran medicine by preventing the development of PTSD before it even started to form. But RD4895 was given to Reese’s Platoon without their knowledge or consent, and instead of helping them with PTSD, he gave them cancerous tumors. When it was learned that the drugs were in fact dangerous, the platoon was killed.

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It’s the kind of wacky plot that so many political thrillers are based on, but these plots are often inspired by true stories. This may cause the public to wonder if the drug RD4895 is a real drug. The answer is no. However, while RD4895 is not a real drug and was invented to The list of terminals book and TV show, there are currently similar pharmaceuticals used for the treatment of PTSD. These drugs are known as beta-blockers and alpha-blockers, and they are mainly used to treat high blood pressure. However, they have also been discovered to prevent the formation of lasting memories of traumatic events. They have also been shown to be effective in preventing symptoms of PTSD.

the terminal list brain tumor chris pratt

Like most medications, however, there are some side effects. Alpha and beta blockers are said to cause nightmares as they tend to disrupt REM sleep. They can also cause headaches, dizziness and suicidal thoughts in the most extreme cases. One of the major issues with the drug is that it can cause overall memory loss as it usually focuses on blocking memories and doesn’t always discriminate. But the formation of cancers and tumors, as occurs with The list of terminals The RD4895 book and series are not among the common side effects.

The action-packed series The list of terminals offers a range of thrills. Considering it’s about revenge plots and government medical conspiracies, it’s good to know that not everything in the series is based on real life. Drugs like the fictional RD4895 may exist, but the difference is that, fortunately, they have actually been successful in helping veterans with PTSD.

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